The Drive is symbolic of Silver Spur Ranch’s world famous horse drive. The horse drive teaches horses how to travel in the mountains, cross creeks, navigate the steep and rocky terrain and become sure footed horses. This helps them develop into trustworthy saddle horses. 

The feather

The Drive’s symbol is a feather. Legend says that coming across a feather in your path, or finding a feather in an unexpected place, represents messages from angels of protection, prosperity, and hope. Much like the feather symbolizes angels looking out for you, your contribution makes you an angel for our horses, bringing them protection, prosperity, and hope.  

The Rescue

This program gives horses who otherwise would have been put down the opportunity to have a long and fulfilling life. These horses will become a part of the Silver Spur Ranch family and enjoy miles of pastures and protection. We believe that every horse has great potential. This program will give them a fighting chance.

The drive

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